A UI Designer that enjoys the challenge of pushing products from pencil to pixels

I'm currently helping Sportsbet.com.au with a replatforming project. Previously I helped Aviva with the 2017 digital transformation.

My Side Projects

Creating Design
Systems + Templates

My favourite past-time is to design, build and sell modular design systems and HTML templates. I’ll show you more in person.

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UI Archive
A Styleguide Resource

I love thinking through the intricacies of design patterns. I built this resource as a platform for me to explore them.

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50 Days of UI
A Creative Exploration

As a creative exercise I designed one conceptual UI per day for 50 days with the time constraint of 0.30mins - 1.5hours.

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Client Projects

The HSBC Global
Banking Platform

I worked as lead visual designer on the production and rollout of the HSBC Banking Platform.

Read my HSBC case study >

Aviva Community Fund
Website Design

I re-imagined and lead a global re-design from conception to launch as well as consulted several builds.

Read my Aviva case study >

Vodafone Digital
Styleguide Design

Develop a design strategy and styleguide. I dramatically increased efficiency and quality.

Read my Vodafone case study >

ITA Conversion Centered
Website Design

A creative exploration of a lead generation website for London’s fastest growing training provider.

Read my ITA case study >

IBM Landing Pages +
Marketing Material

Simple, conversion centred design based on analytics and conversion optimisation best practices.

Read my IBM case study >

Samsung Campaign
Landing Pages

Multi-Channel digital marketing collateral, designed to nurture a prospect from research to purchase.

Read my Samsung case study >


James Ktoris

Senior Designer

“It has been a real pleasure working with Jack. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled designer who has a good understanding of UI, UX and front end dev. What sets Jack apart is his ability to communicate and justify his ideas in an engaging way that all stakeholders can buy in to.”

Robin Potter

Senior UX Designer

“Jack is a talented designer who can clearly articulate and defend his design decisions. He is personable, easy-going and a great team player. He is also highly ambitious and commits himself to everything he works on. He has a keen interest in related fields such as UX and front-end development.”

Mathias Kleverud

Senior UX Designer

“I had the pleasure of having Jack helping me with key designs for several global internet banking projects. He understands the whole situation including the business and UX requirements and often adds to these. The fact that he also stays calm under pressure, acts professional and is solution-oriented makes him an absolute joy to work with.”

David Thwaites

Senior UX Manager

“In a relatively short period, Jack made a positive contribution to the design direction of our Online team. He did a solid job of understanding business requirements and the boundaries of the assignment. If I was to require a Designer for a similar or larger piece of work, it would be a straightforward decision to try to bring Jack in again.”

I write on Medium, Meet people on LinkedIn, and reply promptly to recruiters at hello@jackod.com